Why Customer Testimonials Matter

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There is no better publicity than word of mouth publicity. Period! This holds true for any business, be it an online store or a brick-and-mortar one. When a person walks out of your store after making a purchase that he’s happy about, he becomes a valuable asset that will send back more customers to your store. In today’s world, we call it recommendations or testimonials.

If your products are fetching compliments, tell the whole world about it. Shout it from the rooftop – well, not actually- but at least get it up strategically on your website. People visiting your online store the first time will love to know what others who have been there before have to say. You can also add the testimonials to online ads that you create. Someone who’s never heard of your brand before will sit up and listen to a customer testimonial than to blatant promotion of products.

Here are some ways you can use recommendations to get more people to visit your eCommerce store.

  • Every time you receive a customer testimonial, mention it in your email newsletters. Share it on social media channels using the right hashtags. Don’t hesitate to flaunt the praises that prove your worth.
  • Ask the customer to share a photo of himself and take permission to use it in an image. Get creative and use the customer’s photo along with his endorsement. A face behind a name is bound to create a deeper impact.
  • Try to get video bytes from customers who are willing to pose for your camera. You can also use it with pictures of the products the customer has bought. Alternately, try to create animated videos using customer testimonials. Videos are a rage nowadays and are viewed and shared a lot more than plain text.
  • Use Facebook page reviews to get people to say nice things about you. You may want to practise caution though, Facebook can sometimes get unwarranted feedback too. In case that happens, be ready to make it up to the irate customer asking for another chance to serve better.
  • Ask buyers to rate individual products on your store with a simple click whether they buy the product or not. ThyCart offers a default review and rating option that allows customers to tweet, recommend on google or share their feedback on Facebook. This feature gives individual products a cumulative rating that a prospect can view while browsing through your store.

Remember, if a prospect can relate to somebody else’s experience, he is more likely to make a purchase without thinking twice. No matter how elaborate your descriptions are, an endorsement from a customer goes a long way in building trust with prospective buyers.

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