Small Features That Make A Big Difference To Your Online Store

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“What customers want?” If you are on a perpetual quest to find an answer to this question that has plagued many online store owners, welcome to the club. If there was one answer to that, we would readily give it to you. But unfortunately for us sellers, today’s customers are a pampered lot. They want everything from multiple buying options to huge discounts. But above all these superficial things, what they are really looking for is an enjoyable customer experience.

Let’s look at what customer experience really means in context of an ecommerce store. Offering an ‘experience’ to remember can be defined in tangible terms when a fine dining restaurant or a fashion apparel store comes into picture. But when it comes to an online set up, predicting customer behaviour is difficult. But the minimum requirement is that she- your customer- does not leave the online store disgruntled for lack of a seamless experience. To ensure this, your online store needs to be complete with features that make her return to your store. Some of the features you can consider having on your online store are:

  • Add to Wishlist:

Among millions of people browsing the net as a pastime, there are chances that most of the ones visiting your store are casually surfing with no immediate intention to buy. Even if your products seem tempting enough, there may be other factors that are stopping them from making a purchase at that very moment. This is where the ‘Add to Wishlist’ feature stealthily steps in and offers them an option to add a product they love to a wish-list that they can revisit later.

  • Notify Me:

A close cousin of the ‘Add to Wishlist’ feature, the ‘Notify Me’ feature allows customers to receive notification on their email address if a product they are interested in is out of stock at the moment.

These two features clubbed together can help you boost your sales. You now have the customer’s email address and you can reaching out to her with periodic gentle reminders about the products she has liked. This gives your brand a high recall value which would have otherwise been lost in the hustle-bustle of hundreds of online stores that the customers visits.

  • Compare products:

This feature helps the customer come to a decision when she’s unable to make up her mind between two equally good products. It is as simple as selecting the two products and then hitting the compare button. This feature helps evaluate all product attributes in one go. It provides the comparison output in tabular format that gives a clear idea of differentiating factors between the products thus making it easier for the customer to decide which one to pick.

These small yet important features are very useful when it comes to turning window shoppers into buyers. Rather than trying to predict customer behaviour, it makes sense to embed these call-to-action features in your e-commerce store to give customers a compelling reason to come back. Remember that your website is your sales person so make sure it goes any length to not only acquire customers but to also build brand image.

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