Omni-Channel, A Powerful Tool That Transforms Your Selling Experience

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As an online store owner, it is assumed that you are already selling on multiple marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay apart from your own ecommerce store. Having a presence on all prominent platforms not only helps gain brand visibility but also gives customers a seamless buying experience. As easy at this sounds, managing multiple seller channels simultaneously is quite the opposite.

Inventory management, order update, customer relationship management are some of the many challenges a seller using multi-channel selling faces. Receiving orders through multiple channels and then managing the backend is harrowing and creates glitches in the supply chain of your store. So how can this problem be addressed?

This is where the omni-channel feature steps in. When a multi-channel store is seamlessly integrated to connect all backend platforms together, it is called an omni-channel system. In this scenario, irrespective of which front-end store a customer places an order with, you- the store owner- will get a single view order and updated inventory system. This feature, also provided by ThyCart as an option if you are selling on multiple channels, provides a smooth experience in managing your store.

The primary benefit of having an absolute integration between seller platforms is that it bridges the gap between multiple seller platforms making it easier for you to manage your store front. However, an equally important secondary benefit of omni-channel platform is understanding customer behaviour better. It offers you a complete standpoint of their buying pattern in one place. The success of ecommerce lies in knowing what your customer is looking for and leveraging on it to boost sales. Instead of segregating campaigns based on platforms, sellers can use targeted marketing strategies by understanding customer behaviour. By using omni-channel as a single touchpoint, you can reach out to customers and help them make a purchase decision.

Omni-channel is a powerful tool that brings consistency within your retail management system and allows you to leverage the benefits of an unbroken experience. Having connected stores is a lot better than managing multiple seller channels. ThyCart offers an omni-channel solution set up on cloud that takes away the pain of managing many store fronts at once. Single OMS, single inventory and integrated seller panel are some of the features of ThyCart’s omni-channel solution.

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