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Newsletters – The Best Way To Engage With Your Customers

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In the world of online selling, getting a casual visitor on your store to turn into a paying customer requires three things: Product, Patience and a Newsletter! While product is assumed and patience is a virtue that we cannot impart, in this post we will talk about the importance of a newsletter to engage with your customers.

Newsletters are a great way to update your customers periodically with information relevant to your brand or products. It is a highly effective tool that helps you stay connected with patrons and prospective buyers. Staying in touch on a regular basis by delivering your content to the buyer’s inbox is a customer retention strategy that will eventually pay off big dividends.

If an existing customer never hears from you after an initial sale, there are chances he will forget you in a matter of few weeks. It is your job to ensure he is aware of your store’s existence. Tell him what you are up to, make him feel favoured and keep the relationship alive. Newsletters go straight into his inbox and hence have a high recall value. You can talk about any topics ranging from promotional offers, upcoming events to new additions to your product list. The point is to establish a medium of connection using content that is relevant to your customers. But ensure you use the tool correctly, not as a blatant advertisement of your store but to drive the right amount of attention from those who are interested.

Another advantage of this content driven marketing tool is that it is highly cost effective. Service providers such as Mailchimp or Revue have free pricing plans for an initial set of subscribers. Another benefit of using such a service is that it allows newsletters to be customised based on a segment of subscribers. For example, if you are an online marketplace for arts and craft materials, you can send two separate newsletters to vendors and paying customers.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts that come handy when you send out newsletters to your customers:


  1. Let your prospect feel like you’re taking an effort to reach out to her. Give a personal touch to your content than keeping it formal.
  2. Embed links to your online store and product catalogues wherever possible.
  3. Keep it simple. An uncluttered, informative newsletter is always appreciated.


  1. Don’t push advertisements in your customer’s face. Be subtle and to the point.
  2. Don’t send newsletters too frequently. Think of how often is too often and create a schedule.
  3. Don’t force your newsletters to potential customers without asking them.

Experiment with your newsletters and find out what works for you. Try different combinations in terms of content, subject lines or layout templates. Observe the reports and insights closely. This will help you identify patterns in customer behaviour. You can then leverage on it to create personal discounts and offers that will convert into continuous sales. Your entire lifetime relationship with the customer is based on how well you use the newsletter to your benefit.

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