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Online shopping

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ThyCart empowers you to build your brand online store in a simplified and effortless way.

We all  know how annoying it is to buy something from online store that is very slow. You wouldn’t want your customers to have the same experience do you? ThyCart solves this for you by giving you  a highly customised enterprise level solution.

We understand that every business is unique hence we create websites  that are just as unique as your business. ThyCart offers you flexible pricing models  for your convenience  and also customise your site so  your customers can experience your brand exactly how you want them to

ThyCart has in-built  integrations for payment gateways, shipping, marketplace,customer analytics and digital marketing solutions.

Why ThyCart?

ThyCart offers you complete flexibility where every element is created from scratch and is moulded around your brand coupled with our ace team of in-house digital expertise, enables the smooth transition of your brand into an online mega store. After completion of customised site a customer training program is conducted and the site is ready for customers. Services includes regular upgrades, high performance, pci compliance, scaling, secured payment gateways and multilevel support.


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