It’s Proven! Good Photographs Boost Sales

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It’s Proven! Good Photographs Boost Sales, E-commerce is all about selling online as opposed to retail where a buyer can touch and feel a product before buying it. While buying online, a customer can only view a product on a device. Seeing stunning photographs of a product comes a close second to actually holding the product before buying. The first impression of the product on the customer will make or break the decision of purchase. That explains why strikingly good photos are important for your online store.

Now it is up to you, the business owner, to make the pictures of the product resemble the original as much as possible. If you really want your products to look visually appealing, you can consider hiring a professional photographer for a photo shoot. A photographer understands the nuances of photography and uses the right tools and techniques. To avoid surprises, speak to the photographer about your requirements, state your budget and discuss how you want the final output to look.

The other option is to shoot the pictures yourself. Use a good quality camera or smartphone and make use of natural lighting as much as possible. Take shots that show how the products look when in use i.e. an earring worn by a model than one kept on the floor gives an accurate idea to the buyer of how it will look when used. Take multiple high quality shots that allow zooming into the minutest details. Some e-commerce solutions also provide an option of uploading a 360 degree view of a product. That is a great way to give the customer a complete idea of what they are about to buy.

Consider using props and unconventional backdrops for your products to spice up your photos a bit. You can use something that matches with the style of your shop. For example, if you run a children’s clothing store, you can place balloons or colourful toys as props to enhance the theme of the store. Props also give a sense of perspective in terms of size. A consistent look for all photos across the store or at least for a particular category gives a sense of uniformity to the eye. Be ready to experiment until you get the right shot, change settings and try again. Once you are done, use photo editing software such as Photoshop to process the pictures and give them a finishing touch.

Pictures along with strong product descriptions persuade the buyer and increase the chances to boost sales manifold. If you have an option of putting up multiple pictures of the same product, use it. Ensure that there are no missing images in the product image slot. Similarly, poor quality images can also be quite a put-off. Exclude blurred or grainy product images and use only the ones that will make a lasting impact.

Good photos present the best opportunity to boost sales, so make sure your eCommerce store is up to date and doesn’t turn away customers for lack of product pictures.

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