How to increase sales on the eCommerce website

increase sales on ecommerce website
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If you are reading this, it is assumed that you already have an eCommerce store or planning to build one. If you are planning to build a new website, it is suggested that you first read How to choose best e-commerce builder.

If you already have an eCommerce site, then you should know that having only an eCommerce website is not enough and will not bring in sales automatically. You must regularly update your strategy and site layout; since these play a role in generating continuous online sales.

Today, customers prefer to stay indoors due to COVID-19 as it is the best preventive measure against the virus. It is time to work on a plan to address the needs of such customers and increase your sales.

Below listed are the 18 Tips to help increase your online sales:

1. Improved photos and videos

A website visitor usually judges your product with the images that have been uploaded. The customer will be least interested in the product if the uploaded images are not of high quality. Make sure products are displayed at every possible angle and with adequate lighting.   Add videos to showcase real-life models so that the customer has a clear understanding of the product.

2. Target your existing customers.

Your best customers are your existing customers. Once they realize that you deal with quality products, they are attracted to your brand and will engage in repeat purchases. Do send regular emails to your existing customers and prepare exclusive offers, ‘just-for-them’ to make them feel special.

According to Altfield, “The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%. The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%.”

3. Retarget for abandoned cart

You pay a hefty price for marketing and trying to get a sale. According to the Baymard Institute, the average cart abandonment rate is just under 70 percent. It would be a waste of investment if customers who have abandoned their cart are not retargeted.

Prepare a plan on how would you target customers who have abandoned their cart. Some of the reasons why customers abandon their cart is as follows:

  • The Grand total is too high
  • Complexity in the checkout flow
  • Shipping costs are too high
  • Technical issues or glitch encountered at the time of checkout

4. Keep timely offers and discounts

One of the keys to regular sales is to create urgency. Customers are more likely to purchase if the prices are reduced for a limited period and this creates a sense of urgency in the mind of the customers. Try to include ‘Deals of the Day’ on your eCommerce website so that you acquire new customers or existing one’s indulge in repeat purchases.

5. Campaigns for holidays and seasons

Customers tend to shop more than usual on occasions and festivals. Well, who doesn’t want to flaunt newly bought items on get-togethers? The occasions of holidays and seasons are an opportunity for merchants to run campaigns and increase their sales.

According to a report by Statista, 65% of consumers bought Christmas gifts from online stores (October 2019, United States). With COVID-19 going on, customers would prefer to stay indoors. You can only imagine the % of online sales going up in Christmas 2020.

It is simpler to change banners, filters, navigation, and categories when websites are built with an online store builder. Hence modifications of websites in the summer holidays or thanksgiving seasons will not be a hassle for the merchants.

6. Improve trust

It is said that ‘We believe what we see’. So, it is necessary to convince your customers that your website is secure to use and their payments are safe when they make a purchase. So, make sure you follow the below instructions:

  • Add an SSL certificate to your website, so that browsers display a ‘padlock’ icon on your URL. This makes the customers feel that your website is secure to use.
  • Include trust seals on your web pages so that customers are aware that anti malicious applications are guarding their private data

7. Testimonials, Ratings and product reviews

Initially, when a customer visits your website, their level of trust is low on the product you are selling; Unless they see a review of a fellow customer who has already purchased the same product. A word from an existing customer convinces the visitor that the product is worthy of the money he/she is about to spend. Hence, include testimonials, ratings and product reviews on each product.

According to Spiegal Research Center 2017, “Nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase”.

8. Multiple Payment options

Would all customers have credit/debit cards? The answer is ‘No’. It would be like leaving money on the table if the payment option available with the customer is not supported by the website. Your competitors will be ready with open arms to serve the customers with additional payment options. Therefore, include as many payment options as possible so that it brings diversity for customers at the time of payment.

Some of the commonly used payment options are given below:

  • Apple Pay
  • Digital Wallet
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Stripe
  • PayPal

9. Run Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google Ads

Your website will not give you adequate sales until more than enough traffic is generated. Social media like Facebook and Instagram is equipped with accurate algorithms to target customers according to your niche. That’s the reason why you should run Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads so that relevant traffic is redirected to your website and it converts into a sale.

You can also go for Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube Ads if your targeted audience is available on these platforms.

10. Build your brand awareness

Building the reputation of the brand is a gradual process and is a steady road. Try to take part in quiz contests, free giveaways, or even collaborate with social media influencers. The more you engage with others, the more users will be aware of your brand.

Engage in discussions or forums on Reddit or Quora to share your knowledge concerning your niche.

11. Interact with your customers/followers on social media

Regular engagement with your audience is necessary to build a strong relationship. The act of connection builds trust and this eventually leads to a sale sometime or the other. Each follower would feel stranded if nobody replies to them on your social media pages.

You need to revert to their messages, comments and tags so that connection is maintained between your brand and its following.

12. Listen to what analytics has to say

Analytics is the mirror of your portal as it depicts the ongoing activities on your site. Keep a tap on the analytics to understand the performance of your campaigns. Change your strategy if the analytics is not as per expectation, or continue the marketing as per roadmap planned, if things are going your way.

13. Offer Outstanding customer service

It is challenging to provide excellent customer service for many businesses. People contact customer care at the times of help (navigation or recommendation from your website) or when they are in crisis (if they are facing some issues in post purchases). A satisfied customer will hail you in front of their friends and colleagues while a dissatisfied customer can down-grade you in the eyes of their closed ones.

Below are some of the parameters which you should consider in customer support:

  • Social media can be a point of contact for support
  • The Calling number should be available for query resolutions
  • FAQ and Blogs should be available for self-service
  • Make sure your response time and resolution duration is not high

Here’s a quote from Jim Rohn: “One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.” So make sure you have an excellent team to support customers in the time of crisis.

14. Decrease shipping time and shipping cost

Every customer would love to receive their orders as early as possible. Early shipping enlightens joy in customers and this is not forgotten easily. Hence try to use ‘Air Shipping’ rather than ‘Ground Shipping’ to deliver products as faster as possible.

Customers love when shipping fee is waived off, Believe It!! According to the report ‘The Future Of Retail’ by ‘Walker Sands’, 79% of US consumers said that free shipping would make them more likely to shop online. Try to provide minimal or free shipping whenever possible.

15. Include Return/Exchange policy

The Return/Refund policy gives a sense of encouragement to the customers so that they purchase from their website. This is more likely to improve customer experience and increase retention rates. This is also beneficial in long term growth. The cost to acquire new customers is increasing, hence businesses should use this policy to retain customers and increase their lifetime value.

16. Implement relevant upsell and cross-sell

People tend to buy related items when they view them side-by-side. According to a Forrester Research analyst, “Product recommendations can drive between 10-30% of revenue”. It is important to display relevant product recommendations based on customer history and product type.

If you’re not targeting upsells and cross-sells on each order, then you’re missing out on extra sales that could have been made on each order.

17. Provide a seamless checkout process

Nobody likes to engage in extra work and customers from your website are no different. They desire to complete the checkout process with minimal efforts and due to this reason, implement the ‘guest checkout’ option on your website. Follow the below tips to minimize hassle for the customers:

  • Remove all distractions (No ads, no navigation bar, no footer links)
  • Have a clean and seamless design (Make sure your logo, colors, fonts and UX easy to the eye)
  • Stop bothering your customers (Ask absolute mandatory information only)

18. Provide more than expected

When a customer places an order, it expects only the ‘ordered product’ to be delivered. If a merchant adds a free product or a thank you note in the package, then it leaves a mark on the customers’ mind that they received more than what they ordered. This mentality leaves a positive response in their mind and they indulge in ‘word of mouth’ campaign to share your products.


It is difficult to implement factors that improve your website and doesn’t clog your sales funnel. However, a cross-functional expert team from Thycart is ready on their toes to design, build, launch, and support throughout your journey.

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