How To Write Kickass Product Descriptions?

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Now that you have set up your online store and are ready to sell your products, it is time to carefully look at those two lines that make or break a sale. Yes! We are talking about your product descriptions. A good product descriptions not only makes an instant connection but also remains in the memory of a prospective buyer. Here are quick tips to write product descriptions that attract buyers instantly:

Who is the buyer?

Try to establish who your buyer is. If you’re selling antique or high-end accessories for men, your buyer can be a middle-aged gentleman with good taste in fashion. Try to put yourself in your buyer’s shoes and think of what will tempt him. Defining a buyer persona will make writing product descriptions easy.

Get the tone right

Define the tone you want to use in communicating with your clients. Be persuasive but not desperate. Think of what you want customers to think of your brand as. If you’re selling arts and crafts products, would you like to give friendly advice or sound like an expert with authority in the field of art? Test with two or three different tones to find out what is a high converting description for your brand.

Features, features!

Make a list of every single feature of a product right from the minutest detail to obvious characteristics. You don’t have to fill the descriptions with all of these but listing them down will make you prioritize which feature will tempt the buyer more than the rest. If you are able to highlight those attributes that your potential buyer is looking for, there are more chances he will click on the buy button instantly.

Be SEO compliant

What’s the use of all your efforts if your product does not show up when it is searched for? Making your product descriptions show up in search engine query results can work wonders for your business! Make sure your descriptions are optimized for SEO tactics. Use strategic keywords in headlines, images and in the text of your product descriptions. Ensure that the theme of your website or product catalog is consistent.

Review and rewrite

Even after you’ve followed all the steps mentioned above and created comprehensive product descriptions, it is important to follow due diligence in reviewing it. You may want to check if all important features are listed. Or if you’ve missed out on a piece of information that your buyer will instantly connect to. Ask someone to review the descriptions for any flaws. This does not limit to checking for grammatical errors but also to the extent to which it engages with customers.

Lastly, remember too many words that are not informative don’t help buyers make a decision. Instead it confuses them. Keep it short, useful and honest. Buyers can see through superfluous descriptions that are full of fluff. And if a customer turns away from your store, it is very difficult to get him back! With these quick tips on writing appealing product descriptions, your online store sales are ready to take off!

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