How to create an eCommerce website

How to create an ecommerce website
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The customers around the world are shifting their approach of purchasing from physical stores to online. Hence it has become a necessity for merchants to build eCommerce websites to sustain in the ever-changing way of sales.

There are many eCommerce builders available in the market but Thycart delivers best eCommerce platform with enterprises level results with following features:

  • Multiple themes are available with complete customization; from which you can select as per your business need.
  • Integration with third-party applications is seamless with API calls. Cross-functional expert team helps you to set up the store in 2 weeks
  • No hassle of hosting
  • Digital marketing team available to consult post-launch

Following are the steps to create an eCommerce website:

1. Get a Domain Name

Your website needs a domain name to identify yourself in the world of the internet. The domain name should be relevant to your niche and easy to remember.

2. Select an eCommerce Website Builder

Ecommerce websites have a standard framework and make no sense to code each page from scratch. Here comes the eCommerce store builder to the rescue. With features such as templates, it becomes easier and faster to deploy an eCommerce portal with ease. It becomes super easy to add products and display it on the product page and product listing page because of the theme designed.

3. Design your store

A store is your mean to showcase your products and all its details. Make sure to include images, videos, descriptions, prices, users’ comments, ratings s and wish-list on your eCommerce store. A clean and on-point store helps you to increase engagement and driving sales. 63% of consumers are more likely to purchase from stores that show product ratings and reviews.

Other important features include Search and SEO. They make sure your products and brand are visible to the on “first-page” search results to drive traffic on to the eCommerce website. An eCommerce store builder contains the capability to implement these features.

4. Setup SSL and Payment Gateway

Security acts as an important role from customers’ standpoint when it comes to online purchases. Hence it is mandatory to keep the website secure by adding an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate and to gain the trust of its customers.

As an online business, one should have multiple payment options for their customers. A payment gateway sets-up payment options via credit card, debit card, online wallets, net banking.

5. Plugins

Many features are not native but still need to be integrated into our website. Those features are made into use by installing plugins.

One For All

Many teams need to get involved to create an eCommerce website. To overcome cross-team coordination, Thycart team will do all the work for you. We provide the following features:

  • An online store builder with features comparable to some of the industry-leading enterprise solutions
  • Options to select from various themes as per Beauty, Apparel, Grocery, Tourism, and other industries
  • Fully customizable store with personalization as per your choice
  • No license or renewal fees
  • We take care of hosting too
  • Experts at Thycart will set up your store and ensure maintenance and support throughout the year

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