How to choose best e-commerce website builder?

how to choose best e-commerce website builder?
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A website builder provides templates and features based upon design and industry standards; allowing you to deploy a website faster and smoother without having to spend abundant funds and time to learn the depths of website building. It makes the lives easier for merchants to spend less and receive increased ROI (return on investment). According to report given by Statista 2020, more than 79.76% of ecommerce websites are prepared from ecommerce website builder and it is bound to increase in the upcoming years.
Now the question arises, what should we look in a website builder? For answers, lets dive in for features given below:

1. Support Themes functionality

When you go for a website builder, make sure that it supports themes. You select a theme from the available options or can import a new theme and that transforms into your remarkable site. Also make a note that the theme can be tweaked as per your approach. It will be a lot simpler if the end result is as per your business needs since your website theme will be the playground of your customers.

2. Integration with 3rd party Applications

For an end-to-end ecommerce website, merchants need to integrate their site with third-party applications for seamless experience. Numerous integrations like email newsletters, analytics, social media sharing, shipping, payment etc. are essential for smooth experience.

3. SEO Features Availability

Once the website is developed, you want it to be visible to the people. In this case, you need SEO practices to be best in the industry and your website builder should be able to support this functionality. You should be able to update SEO meta elements (like ALT text, caption, description) on each page so that your page is visible on search engines.

4. Simple Accessibility

The product should be simple and self-explanatory, without complex workflows and design. According to Elon Musk, “Any Product That Needs A Manual To Work Is Broken”. Make sure the online store builder is straight forward and easy to use.

5. Customization of components

When you implement a theme, you will receive a standard framework of your website. But it might not be accurate as what your business needs. Hence make sure your ecommerce store builder is capable of customizing your website as and when needed.

6. Maintenance and Support Availability

The job of store builder is not just to deliver the website and go away. It is mandatory for the store builder to provide regular updates and technical support when there is a need to scale a business. There’s nothing worse when you need help and there is no one to answer you.

All For One

How would it feel if you find ALL of the above features in ONE e-commerce builder? ThyCart is an apple of the eye which is a well bundled and all set to build ecommerce website. Following are some other features of ThyCart:

  • Well budgeted website builder with no license fees & no exorbitant renewals
  • Free hosting available
  • Digital Marketing Support
  • Multiple templates available for your business need
  • Our Cross-functional team is responsible for setting up your store
  • Complete customization available
  • Easy integration with third-party
  • Enhance customer experience with enterprise-class solution

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