Bespoke Stores: Your Magic Wand For A Unique Ecommerce Store

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Imagine if all websites looked monotonously similar – made from the same template, with same features and matching colours. Even browsing the internet will get so boring, let alone shopping online. What’s the Apple website without its unique layout and UI? Or Etsy, with its pretty yet simple design. In both the cases, the websites reflect the organisation’s personality and what it stands for.

 Does your ecommerce store also tell a story? If it doesn’t, then it is time to move away from the template design that you’re currently using. Because hundreds of other stores may be using the same template. In a competitive ecommerce world, you cannot afford to get lost in the crowd. Another reason to choose customised UI is to ensure that your brand and ecommerce store go hand in hand. Any disconnect between the two will reflect poorly on the brand. It is time to move to customised UI design. Let your store reflect its character.

 So what does a customizable UI design really mean? It means getting your store to look just the way you want it to. Based on your requirement, you can choose to design page banners, background colours, product display view, menu bar items and a lot more. ThyCart‘s ecommerce solution provides users with a fully customizable UI suite. Which means there are no limitations in the feature list, everything you want for your store comes in a package.

 The biggest advantage of having a customizable UI suite is not having to deal with third party apps. Most ecommerce solution providers offer very basic features as part of their services. Any additional features come in the form of third party apps only and do not allow a new functionality to be added otherwise. These third-party apps come at an additional cost thus making website design a costly affair. Even if the original template is free, adding third party apps increase the cost significantly.

 Template based websites are useful only for those who are testing their MVP (minimum viable product) and are in a hurry to go live. They can just pick a basic template and kick start their operations without worrying about design and overall look and feel of the website. But if you’re in it for the long haul, then it is a good idea to get your store tailored to suit your needs. It gives you-the store owner- complete control on how the visuals of your ecommerce store look.

 In this age of digital business models, let your store stand out from the crowd. Set your own preferences and decide how you want information or images to be displayed. Understand what will please your customer when she visits your website and enhance the experience for her. Right from background colours, fonts to the home page banners – choose exactly what you want and how you want it to look. Let your brand speak for itself through your ecommerce design.

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